The Art of Microblading

Microblading is a procedure for people of all skin types and hair colors.  Bringing symmetry to your eyebrows, microblading follows the natural shape of the brow to; bring back the loss of an arch, fill in hair that’s become sparse and lift the lower brow shape.  It works for people with fuller brows or with very little brow at all.   

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo.  Though it’s like getting a tattoo, the ink is specially designed for the eyebrow enhancement process.  The artist uses a handheld tool with very tiny disposable needles, scratching pigment into the skin.   The pigment chosen is matched to your eyebrow hair color and underlining skin tone.   During the first few days of healing, the pigment darkens but by the end of the week, it lightens to your natural color.   The result is beautiful, natural looking brows.    

Knowing what kind of ink your technician uses gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety.  Ask your technician about Certified Heavy Metal Free (not containing lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, cobalt or tartrazine), Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free.  Inks for eyebrow use should be mineral based and assimilate with the body’s own molecular composition.  It’s critical that this procedure is done with sterile tools, in the clean environment of a clinic or medical spa.  Knowing that your artist is a qualified and certified individual is key.  He/she/they should be able to answer all your questions, from before to after.   

So, you’re ready for your appointment! What should you expect? 

Pre-care instructions ensures that the procedure goes as smooth as possible.  Avoiding sun exposure or tanning is important to maintaining the pigment.   No tweezing, waxing and tinting of your brows at least 3 days prior.  Avoiding excessive bleeding is a big deal, so stop taking natural (fish oil or vitamin E) and over-the-counter blood thinners a week before.  Discontinue Vitamin A or retinol products 4 weeks before the appointment.  No alcohol two days prior, as well.  If there’s excessive bleeding, the pigment won’t want to stay, so pre-care is just as important as post-care!  

An appointment can take as little as one hour or as long as three. Consulting with the artist before you begin gives you both an idea of the direction you’ll be taking.  The artist will design the eyebrows with your specific face shape in mind.   After cleaning the face, every measurement is taken.  With tools and string, your face is mapped and ready to go!  Numbing cream is essential to this being a minimally painful experience and should be applied prior to the first pass and the second.   Skilled strokes align with your brow’s growth, achieving the fullness you’ve been looking for.   

The healing process should be taken seriously. Over the next couple days, they’re likely to scab and will be 30% darker.  Getting sunburned, sweating, washing and touching your eyebrows are all things that can fade or smudge them before they’ve had a chance to heal.  Avoid eyebrow makeup or skincare products on the brows until they’ve completely healed.   Protection against the sun is always recommended and that applies to maintaining your eyebrows as well.   Even after healing, too much sun can assist your eyebrows in fading more quickly than expected.  

Microblading is a great choice when it comes to eyebrows, because you want something that’s semi-permanent.  Our face and hair changes as we age and microblading can age beautifully alongside you.  A treatment lasts from 8 months to 3 years, depending on your lifestyle, skin type and cell turnover.  Following your first appointment, you’ll be back in the office 4-8 weeks after, for your first touch up to ensure you’re happy with the shape and color.  

At Vitality Medicine, we’re proud to have a certified aesthetician who is skilled eyebrow enhancement artist! We’re passionate about your beauty and giving you the best that aesthetic technology has to offer.  We use Certified Heavy Metal Free, Certified Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free products from Tina Davies.  If you have questions prior to booking your appointment, feel free to email or call us! Check us out on the web at or on Facebook!  We’re on instagram @vitalitymedicine  

Heather Krause, medical assistant 

Vitality Medicine, Dr. Alethia Pantazis, M.D.  

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