Benefits of Sex and Your Wellbeing

You know that a healthy sex life can improve your mental wellbeing and give you better sleep, but did you know it can make you look younger? How does it impact your heart health?  A brief conclusion of studies in past years will give you a peak into how sex may be further impacting your life.   

Vaginal intercourse linked to better memory:

    In a small study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers found that frequency of intercourse was linked to better memory of abstract words (in women who are heterosexual, ages 18-29).    Memory for words largely depend on the hippocampus, the results suggest that neurogenesis (growth and development of nervous tissue) is higher in young women with frequent vaginal intecourse.  

Improved heart health: 

     We know that erectile dysfunction can predict cardiovascular disease, but the American Journal of Cardiology published an article that demonstrates that having less sex could be damaging for the heart regardless of ED.  While data has yet to reflect further heart health findings, the researches suggests that those who have a positive and reliable relationship with their sexual partner experience less stress.  Less stress = better heart!  

Lower Blood pressure: 

    What is the relationship between sexual patterns and blood pressure when it comes to stress? A study by Stuart Brody, published in ScienceDirect, had a pool of 46 participants who logged their sexual activity.   Individuals who reported strictly penile-vaginal sex were shown to have a better stress response than individuals who reported other or no sexual behavior.  Participants who logged masturbation or noncoital sex reported to have 14mmHg more systolic blood pressure reactivity than the participants who only had vaginal intercourse.  

Greater pair-bonding:  

    Pair bonding is when a close relationship is formed between two people, who are courting or having sex.  Pair bonding has no limits between genders or cultural backgrounds. The answer to how sexual pair bonding is maintained over a long period of time may be ‘sexual afterglow’, which lasts anywhere from 24-72 hours.   A study by Physcological Science looked a couples whom reported their sexual activities for 14 days, and their relationship happiness over the next 4-6 months.  Those who had a longer period of afterglow reported a higher level of satisfaction.  

Headache relief:  

    CephalagiaSage Journals, published their findings in 2013.  Through an anonymous survey of 800 unselected migraine patients and 200 unselected cluster headache patients, they were asked about sexual intercourse during a headache attack.  34% of migraines suffers reported sex having a positive impact, reducing the pain or relieving it completely.  31% of the cluster headache group, 37% reported sexual activity improving the cluster headache attack, while 50% reported it worsening.  The authors concluded that for some people, sex can certainly improve headaches for some people.  I’d say it’s worth a shot!  

Youthful appearance:  

    Being sexually active can keep you looking young! Planned Parenthood published a study where over a ten-year period, they observed over 3,5000 European and American men and women.  These individuals were commonly seen as 7-12 years younger than they’re true age, appearing “superyoung”.   These participants reported having sex at least once more often within a week than the rest of the participants, who reported twice a week.  “Superyoung” participants were confidant and comfortable in their sexual expression and identity.  

Better mental health:  

    A study in Sweden in the late 1990’s, sought out the mental satisfaction of sex, penile-vaginal sex and, also, noncoital sex and masturbation.  With over 2,000 participants, both men and women, they indicated that vaginal intercourse leading to higher satisfaction than other sexual behaviors, and overall better mental health in the heterosexual participants.  

    In conclusion, sex releases endorphins and hormones that make you feel good.   A healthy sex life can help you live longer, feel stronger and look younger.   At Vitality Medicine, we’re passionate about you living your best life.   Sexual wellness plays a big part in your health.  If you have questions concerning procedures that can enhance the life in your bedroom, we’d love to book a consultation for you.   

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Heather Krause, Medical Assistant 

Brought to you by Dr. Alethia Pantazis, M.D, founder of Vitality Medicine