Microdermabrasion Offers Incredible Exfoliation

Microdermabrasion is a one of the best and most affordable skin treatments available today.   It gently exfoliates, removing the superficial layer which is dull and dry; causing aging.   The diamond crusted tip of the machine abrades away the old surface to make new for a beautiful and refreshed glow.   By exfoliating away the skin, it makes room for your home skin care products to do their job.  This is important when it comes to your daily skin care routine, because that outer layer of skin keeps your moisturizer from realizing its full potential in your skin.  This treatment can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, acne scarring, melasma and similar concerns.   Microdermabrasion allows oxygen rich blood to come to the surface, and it promotes healing and collagen production.   

     Microdermabrasion became popular in Europe in 1986 and became approved by the FDA in the USA ten years later.   At Vitality Medicine, we choose diamond tipped microderm because it is the safest and gentlest option.  Crystal microdermabrasion uses crystals to improve the skin, and hydro-microdermabrasion uses water.    

     Microderm treatments can benefit many people, of all skin types and colors.   Those who may benefit the most are those who are experiencing:  

  • fine lines and wrinkles 
  • enlarged pores and blackheads 
  • acne and acne scars 
  • stretch marks 
  • dull-looking skin complexion 
  • uneven skin tone and texture 
  • Milia (white heads embedded under the skin) 
  • Melasma (hormonal pigmentation) 
  • Sun damage 
  • hyperpigmentation  

     Before your appointment, it’s wise to avoid products or masks that contain Retinols/Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) and any harsh chemicals.   You may be asked to avoid excessive sun exposure and waxing as well.   The appointment begins and ends with cleansing the skin.   The microderm treatment is comfortable with minimal downtime.   Some side affects may include redness (just like waxing or a mild sunburn) and some swelling or tenderness.   Usually within a few hours, these subside.  Bruising may occur in some people, which is caused by the suction action of the device.  Post treatment, sunscreen is so important!  Even a few weeks after the microderm, your skin can be more sensitive.  It may be advised that you use gentle moisturizer to minimize dry or flaky skin.   

     You can expect to see results immediately after the microdermabrasion treatment.   Many people choose to have another treatment as soon as 2-4 weeks after, bringing the microderm process into their regular selfcare routine.  

     Those who do not qualify for microdermabrasion are those with sensitive skin, rosacea and broken capillaries.   However, the best substitute is Ultrasonic Exfoliation.  Some individuals choose to couple microderm with chemical peels/masks or Radio Frequency.   This ensures greater results because the skin is free and clear for these treatments to work their best.   

     At Vitality Medicine we’re excited to offer microdermabrasion to our community.   We’d be happy to book a consultation or appointment with our aesthetician for you.  Find us on the web at vitalitymedicine.net or drop us an email at info@vitalitymedicine.net.    Follow us on Facebook or instagram @vitalitymedicine 

Heather Krause, medical assistant 

Dr. Alethia Pantazis, M.D. founder of Vitality Medicine 

Sources for my article include Denise Womald, Licensed Medical Aesthetician  

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