PRP for Intimacy Health & Performance, Urinary Incontinence, Dry eye, and the Physical Appearance of Aging;

PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, allows us to use a patient’s own blood products to regenerate the cells and signals that grow in nerves and connective tissues (cartilage, collagen, muscle, blood vessels).   We can influence the regrowth of these cells when we use PRP.   Platelet Rich Plasma can be explained by studying the healing process.   When we get a cut or a scrape, we experience the healing process.  The blood carries in platelets to stop the bleeding, as well as bringing in growth factors and stem cells.  This regrows the damaged tissue. We can use this natural process to our advantage to heal and rejuvenate tissues, such as skin, erogenous zones, eyes, hair follicles and more.  

PRP is obtained by drawing a about two ounces of blood. This blood is then centrifuged in a highly sophisticated and specifically calibrated, Platelet Rich Plasma centrifuge.  It separates the red blood cells from the healing and regenerative parts of the blood (the PRP).   This can be thought of as the rebuilding products that can heal, regenerate and improve aging or damaged tissues. After being spun down the PRP is injected into the area of interest, or applied topically for the eyes. Prior to injection, or microneedling (such as with the Vampire Facial), numbing cream is applied.  This entire visit is typically about an hour.  Effects can be noticed instantly but maximum effects take 1-2 months and can last for years.  

In the Aesthetic world, we can use PRP to reduce the signs of aging in one’s face; Vampire facial ® or Vampire Facelift ®. These treatments rejuvenate the face by re-growing lost collagen and connective tissues. This reduces pore sizeimproves skin color and clarityreduces acne outbreaksreduces scaringimproves texturereduces fine lines and dark circles.   

This aesthetic improvement is not limited to the face. It can be used to thicken thinning hair on the head and restore a youthful appearance to hands, neck and chest.  

PRP can also improve intimacy health for men (P-shot ®) and women (O-shot ®). These therapies use PRP to regrow nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels to improve sensation for both people of all genders. Climax can become easier to attain, as well as intensify. Adequate blood flow and functioning nerves are important when it comes to intimacy; this can be improved with PRP.  Women get the added benefit of strengthening the pelvic floor which can reduce or eliminate stress incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs).  

In addition to its rejuvenating properties, PRP has healing properties. Some women who had a difficult labor can be left with physical scaring that causes pain.  PRP can be used to heal in those suffering from post-labor scars. 

PRP can aid in healing damaged blood vessels and nerves from poor aging, diabetes, hypertension and peripheral vascular disease. Other scars anywhere on the skin can be reduced or eliminated with PRP.  Bells palsy is a disorder affecting the seventh cranial nerve of the face responsible for many facial movements including blinking and smiling. It often resolves on its own but when it persists, the affected nerve can be regrown with PRP. Platelet rich plasma has also been shown to be very effective in the treatment of many forms of Dry Eye. When used to treat dry eye it can be given as eye drops or injected into the lacrimal gland.  Joint and muscle injuries are also be treated by PRP therapy.  Many of the healing effects of PRP do not require repeat injections. 

The best part about PRP is that there is no risk of drug interactions or reactions; because it’s not drug.  A person is not sensitive or allergic to their own blood.  Therefore, allergies and sensitivities are a non-issue with this treatment.  It’s a natural and effective way to age better.